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      About AQUASEAL Plastic Drysuit Zipper
      This amazing AQUASEAL® zipper from YKK is perfect for active marine sportswear and lots more ! Smoother and more flexible, it offers optimum protection with a film-coated tape and an innovative zipper element mechanism. Keep the water out with YKK !
      Care Information / Remarks
      [For Storage]
      Rinse off any object attached on both sides of the zipper, taking care not to bend the zipper.
      Do not place any heavy object on the zipper.
      Store away from the heat and moisture.
      [When you use]
      Slowly move the slider when operating. Angular pulling may cause element mis-engagement and may result in poor waterproof performance or zipper damage.
      Do not apply excess load to the bottom stop when operating zipper or it may damage the stop or the zipper.
      Provide appropriate reinforcement at the stop part.
      Please consult YKK representatives for further advice.
      YKK fastener can be used for many fastening needs, however, it is not suitable for walking water balls, or similar items.
      YKK does not recommend the use of our fasteners on walking water balls or similar items, will not provide warranties for such use, accepts no liability for such use and will avoid selling these fasteners for such use.
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