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      Another great design from WOW! Who knew something this simple could be so much fun. The WOW Water Walkway is a 6x10ft. rectangular mat made from 30-gauge Heavy Duty PVC. Each mat can hold up to 6 adults and is stable and firm enough to walk across, yet comfortable enough to just lay back and relax. But even better, because of WOW’s patented connection system you can turn this into a 6x20ft., 6x40ft., 6x60ft.(you get the idea) Water Walkway. The WOW Water Walkway is ideal for creating a walkway between boats or for just making a huge island for a large group of people to float and party on. Another original concept from WOW.

      • Large 6x10ft. Water Walkway
      • 100% Heavy Duty 30 Gauge PVC construction
      • Vertical I-beams provide full support for up to 6 adults to stand on.
      • Can walk across while in the water
      • Connecting zipper system allows you to connect as many as you like.
      • Make a 6x10ft., 6x30ft., 6x50ft
      • Can connect between boats to get from one boat to the other without getting wet.
      • Grommets on each end to tie off to a boat.
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      Stok Kodu01-ADT518/12-2040
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