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      The Buzz Boat is a new take on an old design. The banana boat or torpedo style tube has been around for years. It was one of the first towable shapes designed. The advantage of the new WOW design is that the rider has a fixed, recessed cockpit with backrest that holds the rider in place as they glide across the water’s surface. Plus, extra wide pontoons on both sides enhance the balance and stability of this tow tube. Not only does this make for a much safer ride for the young kids or the faint of heart, but also this one person version will hold the more adventurous on the tube during the whips.
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      • 1 Person Towable Tube 170Ibs. 77kg. Maximum Capacity
      • Innovative Cockpit Saddle SeatWith High Backrest For Secure Riding
      • Great Family Fun Concept With Themed Graphic Design
      • High Profile Design On The Water
      • Wide Pontoons For Improved Stability
      • TUFF SHELL Full Nylon Cover With Zippers
      • Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder
      • 3 Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards
      • Zippered Valve Covers
      • Speed Valves For Fast Inflation and Deflation
      • Dimensions Inflated 62 x 56 IN 157 x 142 CM
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