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      (ÇİFT PERVANE + 185 MM + 65 KGF + 12 V)
      57.230,65 TL
      KDV Dahil 53.224,50 TL
      1.146,89 TL
      KDV Dahil 894,58 TL
      3.264,55 TL
      KDV Dahil 3.101,32 TL
      The MR704LS is a 4-stroke, turbocharged and aftercooled diesel engine with electronically controlled direct injection. It offers excellent performance with low fuel consumption.

      Cooling is controlled by separate fresh and salt water circuits, with extractable hoses for easy maintenance.  The turbocharger and exhaust manifold are fresh-water cooled to limit the number of hot parts on the engine. C’è solo su questo motore. E’ intenzionale?

      The oil circuit (which is cooled by means of a fresh water heat exchanger), water and air circuits have been designed to reduce external flexible pipes to minimum to reduce loss of liquids in the bilge.

      Auxiliary devices are driven by a Poly-V belt to ensure excellent power transfer and long life compared to traditional solutions. The electrical circuit is protected by reactivateable valves to ensure isolation and safety on board. The dimensions and weight of the engine make the engine easy to install in small spaces.
      Engine Model : MR 704 LS
      Engine Type : Diesel
      Displacement(l) : 2.8
      Cylinders : 4 I
      Injection : Common Rail
      Max. Power : 125 kW @ 4000 rpm
      Max. Torque : 450 Nm @ 2600 rpm
      Weight : 360 Kg
      Emission Certificates : RCD / EPA (tier2) IMO / BSO22 (twin)
      Diğer Özellikler
      Stok KoduADT220/2015015
      MarkaVM MOTORI
      Stok DurumuBu ürün geçici olarak temin edilememektedir.
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