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      Stunt Flyer Inflatable Double Rider Towable 
      Lay down, hold on, and let the Stunt Flyer take you and a friend for a ride! This large flat deck tube for 1-2 riders has multiple Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards to enable various riding positions and two EVA Foam Body Pads for extra comfort. Your stunt team will fly across the water through whips and turns on this nitro-packed deck towable. Featuring an Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point, attaching and detaching your tow rope is made fast and easy so you can maximize your time on the water. The Stunt Flyer also comes equipped with the patented Speed Safety Valve for the fastest inflation and deflation possible with an inflatable towable. New custom daredevil graphics on the top and bottom of this classic deck tube will keep you and a friend riding in style all summer long.

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      Stok Kodu01-ADT513/531651
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