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      SI TECH Kuru Elbise Kol Değişim Seti SLAGGO Flex Ring, Silikon

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      SI TECH Kuru Elbise Kol Değişim Seti SLAGGO Flex Ring
      SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring is a flexible Modular Quick Change Solution. The design provides superb comfort and is able to be mounted in a great range of garments. The system has a circular shape, so there is no need of indexation/orientation during installation.
      SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring can be used with both silicone and latex wrist seals. A broken seal can be changed on the dive site in a couple of minutes – without tools or gluing. No risk of losing a dive or outdoor activity due to broken seal! It is also possible to change size and/or type of wrist seal in order to adapt the suit to different persons or activities. 
      The SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring set includes: Wrist Seals Silicone or Latex , PU-Rings, Spanner Rings and clips 12 clips per set .
      Flexible with superb comfort
      Can be mounted in a great range of garments
      Designed for use with silicone and latex seals
      Works as attachment platform for Dry Glove System
      Increased freedom of movement
      SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring Manual movie: https://youtu.be/5IXzs6NhNUo
      Movie, how to store neck and wrist rings: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3UHBYwgZtw/
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