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      SI TECH Kuru Elbise Boyun Değişim Seti QUICK NECK ORUST, Latex

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      SI TECH Kuru Elbise Boyun Değişim Seti QUICK NECK ORUST
      ORUST Neck System is the third generation of Neck System. An even softer and more flexible Modular Quick Change Solution for the neck! The design provides superb comfort and can be mounted in a great range of garments. The Neck Ring and the Lock Ring is made in a softer material and clips are added to keep the neck seal in place. Tool is no longer needed for installation of the neck seal; the seal and Lock Ring can easily be mounted into the PU-Ring by hand. 
      ORUST Neck System can be used with both silicone and latex neck seals. A broken seal can be changed on the dive/acitivity site in a couple of minutes – without tools or gluing. No risk of losing a dive or outdoor activity due to broken seal! It is also possible to change size and/or type of neck seal in order to adapt the suit to different persons or activities. 
      ORUST Neck System will keep your drysuit operational at all times! No more costly or time consuming repairs! ORUST Neck System is designed to be attached on diving drysuits, amphibious drysuits, rescue suits, watersports garments and more.
      The flexibility and softness of the ORUST Neck System is superior in comparasion to its predecessors; the Neck Tite and the Quick Neck, which makes it more suited for drysuits with thin fabric designs. The benefits in comfort are obvious and the movement pattern of the user is not harmed. 
      Dive/activity centers installing ORUST Neck Systems in their rental drysuits can provide one single suit to be used with different neck seal options/sizes.
      ORUST Neck System can be factory fitted or installed the next time your neck seal needs replacement.
      The ORUST Neck System set includes: Neck Seal black Silicone or Latex , Neck Ring, Lock Ring and clips 12 pcs .
      Flexible, versatile and comfortable!
      Ables the user to change seals at the dive/activity site
      Ables the use of either silicone or latex seals
      Prevents costly and time consuming repairs
      Make drysuits versatile in terms of user/sizes
      ORUST Neck System Manual movie: https://youtu.be/-oxCf-SyGsc  
      Movie, how to store neck and wrist rings: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3UHBYwgZtw/

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