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      LW 450 D KOMPRESOR

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      LW 450 D KOMPRESOR
      Initially developed for the open dhoni boats in the indian Ocean,the 450 D Basic is a large capacity, slow running, stationary compressor which can be used independent of power supply with diesel drive. The compressor has a stainless steel frame and no electrics and is ideal for extreme applications such as open boats or harsh marine environments.
      Self contained unit c/w Hatz 1D81Z, 10.5 kW Motor for hand starting.
      Original Hatz diesel tank, (capacity approx. 2 hours operation)
      Manual Diesel speed lever, manual stop
      Manual condensation drain (3 valves)
      Sturdy stainless steel frame
      All pistons with piston rings
      Low pressure oil pump
      Oil/water separators after each stage, safety valve for each stage
      Pressure maintaining and non-return valve
      4 filling hoses with filling valves and connections and/or HP outlet
      Breathing air purification in accordance with EN 12021
      200/300 bar parallel filling pressures
      Oil pressure gauge
      Inter stage pressure gauges
      Technical Data
      LW 450 D Basic  
      Type: Air cooled, reciprocating piston compressor
      Capacity [litre/min]: 450
      Capacity [Nm³/h]: 27.0
      Capacity [cfm]: 15.9
      Max. Pressure [bar]: 350 (set at the final stage safety valve)
      RPM: 1100
      No of stages / No of cylinders:: 3 / 3
      Bore 1st stage [mm]: 95
      Bore 2nd stage [mm]: 42
      Bore 3rd stage [mm]: 18
      Stroke [mm]: 74
      Prime mover type: Air cooled diesel, hand start
      Drive power [kW]: 10.5
      Drive power [HP]: 14.3
      Cooling air requirement [Nm³/h]: 3300
      Lubrication type: Oil pump
      Oil capacity [litre]: 2.2
      Oil pressure [bar]: 1.8 (+/- 0.3)
      Air outlet temperature [°C]: 8 - 10 °C above ambient
      Filter capacity [m³ at +20°C]: 900
      Dimensions L x W x H [cm]: 127 x 74 x 100
      Weight [kg]: 400
      Noise level: 95 (dB measured at 1 m distance)
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      Stok Kodu04-ADT527/LW450D
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