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      LW 170 E NAUTIC
      The electrically driven Nautic compressors are ideal for medium sized stationary applications where mobility is also desirable. The compressors are 3 stage blocks mounted in a sturdy powder coated crash frame with foldable carrying handles and sling eyes for crane/helicopter transport. The frames provide excellent protection and are designed to allow easy transportation..
      Fully wired, ready to start with cable, plug and phase selector
      Operating panel with Start/Stop switch and running lamp
      Filling pressure gauge and hours counter
      Crash frame with 4 carrying handles and sling eyes, powder coated in RAL 6026
      GRP fan belt guard
      2 oil/water separators, safety valve for each stage
      Stainless steel cooling pipes and inter-coolers
      Breathing air purification in accordance with EN 12021
      Pressure maintaining valve for extended filter duration
      2 self-venting, lever operated filling valves with hoses and connections
      2 extra filling hoses
      Automatic Stop at final pressure
      Automatic condensation drain
      200/300 bar parallel filling pressures
      Motor protection switches
      Special voltages/frequencies: 440 V 60 Hz  / 230V 50Hz  / 230V 60Hz
      Technical Data
      LW 170 E  
      Type: Air cooled, reciprocating piston compressor
      Capacity [litre/min]: 170
      Capacity [Nm³/h]: 10.2
      Capacity [cfm]: 6.0
      Max. Pressure [bar]: 330 (set at the final stage safety valve)
      RPM: 1530
      No of stages / No of cylinders:: 3 / 3
      Bore 1st stage [mm]: 72
      Bore 2nd stage [mm]: 28
      Bore 3rd stage [mm]: 13
      Stroke [mm]: 39
      Prime mover type: 3 Phase E-motor 400V / 50Hz
      Drive power [kW]: 4.0
      Drive power [HP]: 5.5
      Cooling air requirement [Nm³/h]: 1200
      Lubrication type: Plunger/Splash
      Oil capacity [litre]: 0.8
      Air outlet temperature [°C]: 8 - 10 °C above ambient
      Filter capacity [m³ at +20°C]: 180
      Dimensions L x W x H [cm]: 103 x 50 x 73
      Weight [kg]: 135
      Noise level: 85 (dB measured at 1 m distance)
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      Stok Kodu04-ADT527/LW170E
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