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      LW 100 B KOMPRESOR

      LW 100 B KOMPRESOR
      LW 100 B KOMPRESOR
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      LW 100 B

      The gasoline-powered LW 100 B is a particularly lightweight and reliable air compressor. It's a very low maintenance compressor and ideal for mobile use. Due to the seawater resistant stainless steel frame and the painted block it is very popular in seawater environments. The steel piston rings in the compressor stages provide long term consistent delivery performance (fill time).


      • Petrol compressor c/w pull start and auto cut off at low oil level
      • Stainless steel frame
      • Manual condensate drain
      • Pressure maintaining and non return valve
      • 1x Filling hose c/w filling valve and pressure gauge
      • Intermediate coolers
      • Oil- / Water separators after 2nd and 3rd stage
      • Safety valves after for each stage
      • All pistons with piston rings
      • Filling pressure to your choice (200 or 300 bar)
      • Connections to your choice
        (DIN 200 bar or 300 bar, CGA 200 bar or 300 bar and INT)
      • Breathing air purification an accordance to EN 12021

      Difference to the ECO-Model

      • Stainless steel frame (ECO: alloy)
      • Inclusive the carrying handles
      • Painted compressor block
      • Inclusive filling valve holder


      • Additional filling hose c/w filling valve
      • Automatic stop at final pressure c/w hour counter
      • Switch over device for 200 or 300 bar
      • Conversion set: Petrol-/electro version

      Technical Data

      LW 100 B  
      Type: Air cooled piston compressor
      Capacity [l/min] / [Nm³/h] / [cfm]: 100 / 6 / 3.5
      Max. Pressure [bar]: 330
      RPM [1/min]: 2300
      No of cylinders / No of stages: 3/3
      Prime mover type: 4 stroke drive motor
      Drive power [kW] / [HP]: 3.6 / 4.9
      Cooling air requirement [Nm³/h]: 1080
      Lubrication type: Splash oil
      Oil capacity [l]: 0.5
      Operating temperature [°C]: +5°C to +45°C
      Filter capacity [m³ at +20°C]: 86 (approx. 16 h)
      Dimensions L x W x H [cm]: 70 x 40 x 45
      Weight [kg]: 43
      Noise level (measured at 1 m) [dB]: 93
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      Stok Kodu04-ADT527/LW100B
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