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    • JOBE BAMBOO SUP 10.0

      JOBE BAMBOO SUP 10.0
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      • 10” (length) x 32” (width) x 5” (thickness) • Double bamboo construction • Bag storage bungee cord • D-ring for ankle leash • EVA anti slip pad • Carrying handle • Automatic air vent plug • 1 x 9” fiberglass center fin • 2 x 5.7” plastic side fins • Go Pro plug • Transparent PVC rail protection

      Top of the line hard-shell SUP boards from Jobe. All our hard-shell boards are made out of lightweight EPS foam reinforced with 2 fiberglass layers and bamboo veneer on the top and bottom. The Bamboo 10.0 is a great all-round board for anyone who loves SUP boarding in different water types. The more aggressive nose rocker and the round tail make it suitable for surf while the wider profile ensures great stability. It has a super comfortable EVA deckpad to make sure you can SUP all day long and a Go Pro plug so you can record your long days on the water.

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