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      JOBE AERO SUP 11.6

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      • 11’6” (length) x 32” (width) x 6” (thickness)• Volume 372L • Max. 15 PSI • D-ring for ankle leash • EVA Anti slip pad • Paddle holder • Bag storage bungee cord • Halkey Roberts valve • Webbing carrying handle • 3 Detachable fins with screws • Bungee cord tie down • Transport paddle holder

      Meet our new big friend! The Aero SUP 11.6 is the largest and most stable SUP in the Aero range. The 6” drop stitch board gives the ultimate strength and stability, also for larger/heavier people. The board has three removable fins with screw system for incredible control and steering. The Aero 11.6 has a bungee storage cord so you can take your lunch with you in the waterproof carrying bag. The Aero 11.6 is so portable you can take them on a bike ride or in a car to paddle rivers, ponds, oceans and lakes! The Aero 11.6 is the perfect board for anyone who wants extra stability under the toughest conditions.

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