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      KALAO: The Family Kayak

      The Kalao is quite the 4x4 of the kayak world. Equally at ease on the sea, rivers or for fun, it really is the kayak for all adventures. Like all BIC Sport kayaks it features plenty of innovations. The fluid, stable hull design makes it simple for a family of two adults and two children to all ride together in complete comfort. That makes it the first true 3 (adult) person Sit-On-Top on the market, with 3 proper ergonomic seats. Essentially, the Kalao combines capacity of the old style family canoe, with the safety of a Sit-On-Top kayak! The other big first : it can be adapted to take an electric motor. The largely flat hull design with very little water draught is extremely stable and allows the kayak to go almost anywhere. Such aspects as storing your belongings while kayaking, as well as carrying and transporting your kayak have all also received detailed attention. One other important point : it’s unsinkable.


      Sit-On-Top BEACH: Sit-On-Top For Everyone

      Stable, designed to be simple and affordable, the BEACH series kayaks are the gateway kayaks for our Sit-On-Top range, the easiest way to get out and have fun on the water while you’re at the beach. They are made to BIC Sport’s usual high standards, and their deck and cockpit design make them easy to use and very well suited to family andgroup activities. The Trinidad and Kalao models can be fitted with a small motor.


      Length :  435 cm   -    14’4” 
      Width :  87 cm   -    34.6''
      Weight :  39.5 Kg   -   87 lbs  
      Maximu Load :  310 kg  -  683 lbs  
      Capacity :  2 adult + 2 child
      Design : FRITSCH Associes.com & BIC Sport
      Program : Sea, Beginner White Water, Beginner Waver, Lake


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