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    • BEUCHAT Elbise ESPADON, 5 mm. Dalış Elbisesi

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      BEUCHAT Elbise ESPADON, 5 mm. Dalış Elbisesi
      Large red strip on the hood to improve safety from the surface or by the teammate.
      Soft neoprene 
      Top quality Beuchat pre-forming and anatomical design 
      Exclusive Beuchat anatomical cut 
      Reinforcements at knees and shins 
      Cutaway long john to simplify dressing 
      Two-piece suit for free diving and spearfishing 
      Top with hood, Waist-cut pants and pants with shoulder straps 
      Open cell neoprene interior for better thermal protection 
      Soft 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm o 9mm neoprene 
      Anatomical cut: 
      High quality preformed anatomical cut for maximum comfort Jacket: 21 panels + pats: 12 panels  
      Cutaway long john to simplify dressing 
      Seamless stretch panels at articulations armpits, inside elbows and behind knees to reduce abrasion. 
      Preformed for a snug fit at the curvature of the lower back and crotch 
      Preformed crotch for improved comfort with closure by plastic studs. 
      Double layer of PU reinforcements composed of grooves of various thicknesses for more flexibility at elbows and bust. 
      Edging & finishes: 
      Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with external overlock. 
      Lower edge of the top is reinforced to ensure better resilience during undressing

      To useCold water or temperate
      Ebay Wave System?
      MaterialOpen-cell inside

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