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      AQUAGLIDE 6 MONSOON ( Incl. Tube , pump, hose and accessories)

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      (ÇİFT PERVANE + 185 MM + 65 KGF + 12 V)
      32.535,41 TL
      KDV Dahil 31.884,70 TL
      1.785,37 TL
      KDV Dahil 1.571,12 TL
      913,33 TL
      KDV Dahil 666,73 TL

      Aquaglide has a unique vision to always push the boundaries of what is possible with Aquapark design. New for 2018, we are proud to introduce a new patent pending signature innovation, the Monsoon Sprinkler System.

      The Monsoon revolutionizes the way all Aquaparks are designed, used, and interacted with by shooting a carefully controlled spray of water in a large radius from its center.

      The Monsoon also interchanges easily with both our Universal and Universal Thunderdome connectors and, as such, can be added to existing Aquaparks. It is the kind of innovation that only a leader with decades of experience in water play products can provide.



      ● Item: 58-5218646

      ● Warranty: Limited 3 year

      ● Capacity: 6

      ● Specs: L 12.7' x W 12.7' x H 9'

      (L 3,8m x W 3,8m x H 2,8m)

      ● Box dims:

      L 35.4" x W 29.5" x H 19.7", 172 lbs. 1pc.

      (L 90cm x W 75cm H 50cm, 78 kg)

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