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      AQUADESING RAFT SILVER CLOUD 425 / 3 thwarts

      90.732,29 TL
      İndirimli Fiyat (%17) :
      75.307,80 TL
      Kazancınız 15.424,49 TL
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      1.736,87 TL
      KDV Dahil 1.441,60 TL
      593,88 TL
      KDV Dahil 492,92 TL
      (ÇİFT PERVANE + 185 MM + 65 KGF + 12 V)
      31.733,84 TL
      KDV Dahil 31.099,17 TL
      Our SILVER CLOUD line has been pricipally developed for professional intensive uses, particularly on very large volume rivers or in the spring when the level of waters is high due frequent downpours of heavy rain. Its construction in Hypalon®  1100 DTEX fabric for the tubes and 1680 DTEX for the floor, ensure a very good résistance to extreme conditions and wear. Equiped also, with a backlining layer of fabric made of rubber, we garantee an excellent resitance to of the tubes very often exposed to chocs.


      Ø Tubes 52 cm Inside Width 85 cm
      Compartments 4 + 3 + 1 Self bailing yes
      Adjustable Twarts 3 Handle 4
      Inflation Valves 7  Overpressure Valve 1
      D-Rings 12    



      Material : Tubes in Hypalon® 1100 dtex fabric
      Material : Fond in Hypalon® 1680 dtex fabric
      Comfort : Adjustable Twarts


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      Stok Kodu01-ADT510/RA3234
      Stok DurumuBu ürün geçici olarak temin edilememektedir.

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